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Posted 9/16/2017 9:59am by Anne Sharp.

This Wednesday will be week 1 of our Fall/Winter season-don't miss out on farm fresh vegetables for your family.

Posted 8/11/2017 11:27am by Anne Sharp.

Hard to believe that this will be our 15th season of feeding families from our farm-what a blessing.  Sign up now to receive fresh, vine ripen vegetables each Wednesday from September 20th through December 6th.

Posted 3/3/2017 3:56pm by Anne Sharp.

The fields are greening up nicely with the unseasonably warm weather that we have been blessed with. Our first pickup for the 14th season will be on April 5th.  Don't miss out on eating fresh & nutritious vegetables straight from the farm to your plate.

Posted 9/13/2016 11:08am by Anne Sharp.

It is not too late to signup for our fall produce club; we will be making our first deliveries to Simplee Gourmet in Covington  next Wednesday.  Grady, our farmer has really worked around the unbelievable amount of rain Mother Nature has sent our way,

Posted 6/12/2016 1:24pm by Anne Sharp.

I can hardly believe it is mid-June already and have 10 weeks of our produce club  behind us.  It is all about tomatoes this time of year.  We are pleased to announce that we also have tomatoes in the ground at Cove Rise in Oxford, MS.  This is huge for us and should mean that we will have these beauties through the fall.  Speaking of beauties, we are also growing flowers and are present at the Oxford Farmer's Markets.  

Posted 3/1/2016 12:00pm by Anne Sharp.

The fields are planted up and we will be ready for the first delivery of our 12th local produce season to Simplee Gourmet in Covington on April 6th.  Click on Local Produce Club/CSA for member sign-ups and FAQ for questions about how it works. Put flavor back in the hands of Mother Nature and let us farm for you!

Posted 12/2/2015 6:26am by Anne Sharp.

We will be loading up the truck to make the last delivery of our 2015 Fall produce club season today.  Our final offering will be: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce mix, shallots, swiss chard, rosemary & mistletoe.  Join the mailing list to receive notice of our spring 2016 sign-ups in March.

Posted 9/17/2015 4:08pm by Anne Sharp.

Yesterday was week 1 of 12 produce club deliveries to Simplee Gourmet in Covington.  Turnips, tomatoes, kale, arugula, fingerling sweet potatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, orka & lemon basil=happy members eating locally with the season.  I love Wednesdays!!!

Posted 9/7/2015 11:00am by Anne Sharp.

Wednesday, September 16th is just 9 days away and will be the first delivery of our Fall/Winter Season-sign up today.

Posted 8/24/2015 6:43pm by Anne Sharp.

September 16th will be the first delivery of our 11th produce club season.  Sign ups are now open; the fields are full and we are ready for a terrific line up of vegetables for the fall.  Don't miss out!!!

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